Jessore Polytechnic Institute

Jessore Polytechnic Institute

There are 49 government polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. Jessore Polytechnic Institute is one of them. If you are searching for the information about this polytechnic institute, you are the right place. Here I am going to share with you all the information about this polytechnic institute, read the full article and collect your essential information.

About Jessore Polytechnic Institute

The Jessore polytechnic institute is one of the oldest and biggest polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. It is one of the renowned government polytechnics among all 49 government polytechnics in Bangladesh. Keep an eye to this article to know more information.

Students Residential Hostel

There is the institute’s own hostel on the college campus. The students can stay in the hostel at a low cost.

Library And Medical Center

Academic studies are not enough for a student so there is a library in this polytechnic and where a lot of books are available. Students can increase their knowledge by reading these books. Also, there is the medical facility in this polytechnic, students have ensured their health condition from the medical centre.


There is a magnificent food canteen on this polytechnic, and students able to provide fresh food from this canteen at a cheap cost.


To keep student’s body fit and mind fresh there is a nice playground in this institute.

History Of Jessore Polytechnic Institute

In 1964 this polytechnic was established on 15 acres of land. The first time, there was a system of teaching both technical and technical disciplines, but in 1969-70 the teaching of mechanical, technology was introduced. Later, it was joined with electrical, electronic, computer and telecommunication technology.

Educational Information

Jessore Polytechnic Institute is an Ideal institute for diploma education. The teachers, the facilities of this Institute is really impressive. The environment for study here is positive to the students. Less number of departments, less number of students and the perfect number of teachers is the main positive sites of this Institute.

Departments with Seat Number

Jessore Polytechnic Institute has 5 departments. The department’s names and the amounts of seats are here.

Technology Name  Seat Number

Admission Qualification

To apply for admission to the Jessore Polytechnic Institute you must have to pass the SSC exam with a minimum CGPA 3.50 ( male student) and 3,00 (female student) and individual GPA 3.00 in math or Higher math. If you have these qualifications, you will able to apply.

Admission Quota

The government polytechnic preserved some quotas like 20% for the female students, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5% and 2% for children of officials or employees who are working in the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment.

Course Information

Diploma in Engineering is a 4 years duration course. And the 4 years are divided into 8 semesters. The first 7 semester is for academic studies and the last semester is for industrial attachment.

Class Schedule

The class of all government polytechnic institute is managed with two shift. The first shift start from 08:00 am and the second shift starts from 01:30 pm,


Some of the students from each semester, each department has got TK 1650 with regard to the internal merit list.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Kotoali, Jessore, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88-0421-73436
Fax: 88-0421-73436