Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute

Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute

Now here in this article, I’m going to introduce to the Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute. It is the only polytechnic institute in the Jhenaidah district. I can assure you that here you will get complete information about this polytechnic institute. Keep your reading and find out the information that you need.

History Of Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute

This institute started its journey in 2004 with only Computer Technology. The other 4 technologies have been added to the institute latter. At present, the institute has nearly 2000 students and more than 70 teachers and staff.

About Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute

The Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute is known as a  renowned polytechnic in the Jhenaidah district. This institute is located on the Jhenaidah-Magura highway. Its location is about 3 km away from Jhenaidah city. This polytechnic has a library with about 3,000 books on science and technology. Includes state-of-the-art laboratory with own generator, free Wi-Fi, clean water, healthcare, mosque, garage, own magazine, multi-media network classroom, and lab. About 2000+ student has this institute.

Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute

Students Residential Hostel

There is no residential hostel for the students. But there are two residential buildings situated on the campus one is for the principal and one is for the staff.

Library And Medical Center

The institute has a rich library with about 3,000 books on science and technology. Students can borrow their favorite books from here without any fees. There is a Medical center that has been situated here to ensure the student’s primary treatments.


The institute authority also provides the canteen facility. The students can easily collect food from here. The canteen also contains some educational equipment.


There is a playground for students to exercise and play various games.

Educational Information

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is a state regulatory board responsible for monitoring and developing technical and vocational education. All the academic programs of this institute controlled by BTEB.

Departments with Seat Number

There is a total of five engineering departments in this institute namely Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, and Environment. Each department holds only 50 seats in each shift. Have a look at the below chart.

Departments Seat Number
Computer Technology 50
Electrical Technology 50
Electronics Technology 50
Civil Technology 50
Environment Technology 50

Admission Qualification

This institute authority selects its students according to the SSC result. To admit here you have to need some qualification, First, you have to pass the SSC or equivalent exam with a minimum CGPA 3.50 and the individual GPA 3.00 in general math or higher math. And your age must be under 22. If you have these qualifications, you can apply for online admission.

Admission Quota

According to diploma engineering admission 2019, 53% of students have been admitted to polytechnic diploma engineering by merit, and 47% of students have been admitted to government quota. But you know all the government institute has reserved some quotas. The quotas are female quota is 20%, SSC (vocational) 15%, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5%, and special needs student quota 5%. If you have any quotas you can admit easily this institute.

Course Information

There is a 4 years long diploma in engineering course that provides this institute. The total of four years defined into 8 semesters. Among the first 7 semesters is for the academic education and the last semester is for the industrial attachment.

Class Schedule

You know all the government polytechnic institute has two shift class method. The first shift class starts from 08:00 AM and the second shift class starts from 01:30 PM.


The students can make an admirable result in a semester, they get TK 1650 by the regards of an internal scholarship.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Jhenidah
Phone: 88-0451-61385
Fax: 88-0451-61385
Website: http://jhenaidahpoly.gov.bd/