Only Govt Polytechnic Institute In Kurigram

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute is a large and ancient polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. This polytechnic is one of the remarkable government polytechnic institutes among the all government polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. Today I am going to write about this polytechnic institute if you think the information is helpful for you, read this article carefully.

About Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

The Kurigram polytechnic institute is a great institute for technical education in the Kurigram district. The Polytechnic Institute is located in the village of Krishnapur, adjacent to the office of the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police, Kurigram District, Northern Bangladesh. It is about 350 KM away from Dhaka. This polytechnic institute has 29 administrative staff, 9 academic staff, and a 20-acre long urban campus.

Students Residential Hostel

Some of the government polytechnics have the student residential hostel facility and some of the polytechnics are not provided this facility. The Kurigram polytechnic institute has no residential hostel for the students.

Library And Medical Center

A large library is available in this polytechnic filled with a lot of books. The student can earn various knowledge from the library by reading various books. The medical center is a very essential thing, this polytechnic has a medical center to ensure the student with primary treatment.


There is a desirable canteen in this polytechnic institute situated in the noise-free place. The authority of the canteen serves fresh food to the students The canteen also contains some educational equipment like books, note-books, pens, pencils, etc.

History Of Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute – Established in 2006 to spread modern engineering knowledge among the residents of Kurigram. This polytechnic is one of the ancient and largest polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh.

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Educational Information

Kurigram polytechnic institute is controlled by the Directorate of Technical Education which was established in 1960 and the academic activities of this institute are controlled by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) which was established in 1967. In Kurigram Polytechnic Institute, Diploma in engineering Courses is being offered in different technologies. After successful completion of these Courses, The graduates are exposed to the job market, and able to engage themselves in national development works.

Departments with Seat Number

The Kurigram polytechnic institute is one of the large polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. And this polytechnic has a total of 7 engineering departments these are Electronics, Mechanical, Computer, Construction, Civil, Electrical, and Architecture and Interior Design. Some of the department contains 200 seats and some of are 100. Have a look at the below chart for more clarity.

Department Seat Number
Electronics 100
Mechanical 100
Computer 200
Construction 100
Civil 100
Electrical 100
Architecture and Interior Design 200

Admission Qualification

Before admission to a government polytechnic institute the student must have some qualifications. First of all, the students have to pass the SSC or equivalent exam with a minimum CGPA 3.50 (for male) 3.00 ( for female) and individual GPA 3.00 in math or higher math.

Admission Quota

All the government polytechnic has been reserved for some quotas. Among all quotas the female quota is 20%, SSC (vocational) 15%, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5%, special needs student quota 5%, and 2% for children of officials or employees who are working in Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment.

Course Information

I hope you already know that the diploma in engineering course duration is only 4 years. The total of 4 years defined into 8 semesters. Two semesters each year.

Class Schedule

The class schedule of this polytechnic institute controlled in two-shift, the class of first shift start from 08:00 am and the second shift starts from 01:30 PM.


You will happy to know that there is an internal scholarship in all the government polytechnic institutes. The students who have passed in a semester with a good result, they able to get this scholarship.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Central Jail Rd, Kurigram
Phone: 88-0581-61688
Fax: 88-0581-61688