Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

There are a total of 49 government polytechnic in Bangladesh. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute is one of them. Do you want to know more about this polytechnic institute? For your convenience here I am going to share a lot of information about this polytechnic institute. Keep reading this article and gather the information that you need.

About Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

The Kushtia Polytechnic is a government technical institute in Bangladesh. It is most the oldest institute among all institutes. It is one of the largest polytechnics in Bangladesh. About 2300 + students are reading in this polytechnic institute and about 66 academic staff are working in this institute.

Students Residential Hostel

There is its own institute hostel of this polytechnic institute and the students can stay on this hostel at a cheap cost. All the facilities of the Kushtia Polytechnic Institute’s hostel service are so convincing for the students.

Library And Medical Center

The academic studies are not enough for a diploma student, think of it there are the library facilities that have been started on this polytechnic institute. Also, there is a Medical centre where the student can get free treatment.


There is a beautiful canteen in this polytechnic institute. And this canteen is filled with many fresh foods. Students can get healthy foods at low cost from here and also can spend their leisure time sitting at the canteen.


A large playground is available in this polytechnic, the student play on this field various types of game and enjoy very much.

History Of Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

The Kushtia polytechnic institute was established in 1964. This institute has been providing high-quality technical education, since its inception. Nowadays this polytechnic institute has a great reputation all over Bangladesh.

Kushtia polytechnic institute

Educational Information

Education facilities are in Kushtia Polytechnic Institute is very much effective for the students. For the purpose of discussing the details about the Kustia Polytechnic Institute, here I am going to discuss some educational information about this Institue.

Departments with Seat Number

The Kushtia Polytechnic Institute provides the Diploma in engineering course about only 6 technologies these are Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, and Power. Every technology has a seat for 50 students. Bear in mind that, every polytechnic Institute runs in both the morning and the evening shift. So, there are 100 students can admit per departments.

Technology Name Seat Number
Civil 50
Computer 50
Electrical 50
Mechanical 50
Electronics 50
Power 50

Admission Qualification

The candidates must have passed the SSC exam with a minimum GCPA 3.50 for male students and 3.00 for female students, and individual GPA of 3.00 in general math or higher math for both.

Admission Quota

I hope you know all the government polytechnic in Bangladesh have preserved some quotas at the admission time. Among all quotas, 20% is for the female quotas, SSC (vocational) 15%, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5%, special needs student quota 5%, and 2% for children of officials or employees who are working in Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment.

Course Information

I hope you know the duration of the Diploma In Engineering course is only 4 years. And this 4 years is divided into 8 semesters. The total 7 semesters for the class and the last semester for Industrial attachment.

Class Schedule

The class of this polytechnic has divided into two shifts. The first shift starts from 08:00 and the second shift class starts from 01:30 pm.


There is an internal merit Scholarship benefit in all government polytechnic. Some of the students from every semester and every department has got TK 1650 by the regard of this scholarship.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Kalishankarpur, Kushtia-7000, Kushtia, Bangladesh
Website: http://kushtiapi.gov.bd/