Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

The Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute (LPI) is a government technical to spread the technical education to the people of Lakshmipur district. I have collected a lot of information about this polytechnic institute and today I am going to share these with you. Read this article attentively and find out the information that you need.

History Of Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute is one of the modern polytechnic institutes in the Lakshmipur district. This polytechnic was founded in 2006. Now, this polytechnic institute provides a Diploma course with various engineering departments.

Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

About Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute

Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute is a large government polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. This Institute is located near Lakshmipur Stadium, Baishmara. This institute offers a Diploma in Engineering course in many technologies. This polytechnic contains about 5000 students among them 64% male students and 44% are female students. This polytechnic has a large semi-urban campus.

Students Residential Hostel

This polytechnic has a residential hostel for male and female students. The Hostel has some extra facility such as the students can stay here at a low cost. Also, the hostel authorities are aware of the safety of the students.

Library And Medical Center

This institute also contains a well-decorated library. The library supply a lot of books and these will increase the knowledge of the students.


There is a beautiful canteen that has been situated in this institute. The students collect food from here. Also, they can spend their past time by gossiping here.

Educational Information

Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute (LPI) provide 4 years Diploma in Engineering Course under the (BTEB) as maintaining International Standard. And all the academic activities and curriculum are controlled by the BTEB. Below I am going to discuss more to keep your reading.

Departments with Seat Number

This institute comprises only four engineering departments here, these are Computer, Electronic, Civil, and Architecture, and Interior Design. You know this institute has two shift class methods. Each of the departments holds 50 seats in each shift. To know more have a look at the below chart.

Departments Seat Number
Computer 50
Electronic 50
Civil 50
Architecture and Interior Design 50

Admission Qualification

You have to need some qualification to admit to this polytechnic. First of all, you must have to pass the SSC or equivalent exam with the minimum CGPA 3.50 ( for male), 3.00 (for female), and the individual GPA 3.00 in math or higher math. If you earn these qualifications, you can apply.

Admission Quota

Consequent to the information of Diploma admission 2019, 53% of students are admitted by merit and 47% of students are admitted by quota. The Lakshmipur polytechnic also reserved some quotas these are,

  • The female quota is 20%
  • SSC vocational is 15%
  • Minor ethnic group quota 2%
  • freedom fighter quota 5% and
  • Special needs student quota 5%

Course Information

I hope you have already know the duration is the Diploma in Engineering course is only 4 years. Through, in the beginning, this duration of this course was 3 years, but presently all the government polytechnic provides this course with 4 years duration.

Class Schedule

All the government polytechnic in Bangladesh managed their class schedule in shift wise. This polytechnic has two shift class methods. The first shift class starts from 08:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM and the second shift class starts from 01:30 PM and ends at 06:00 or sometimes late.


Every government polytechnic institute provides an internal scholarship to the students. When the students can make a good result in a semester they got TK 1650 by regard to the internal scholarship.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Baishmara, Lakshmipur, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-0381-61022
Fax: 88-0381-61022