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Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute is a well-known government polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. Today I have brought a heap of information about the Rajshahi polytechnic institute. If you are searching for the information about this polytechnic Institute, I can assure you that here you will find all your essential information.

About Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute

Rajshahi Polytechnic was established in 1963. It is located at Sapara, Rajshahi. This polytechnic Institute has 14.69 acres of extensive campus and seven academic buildings. The Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute is one of the high tech institutes in Bangladesh which is specialized in preparing students for the challenges of engineering as they go ahead with their careers.

Library And Medical Center

There is an extensive library inside of the Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute. A lot of books are available in the library. The Institute’s students can read these books free. Also, this polytechnic has department wise research cell in the library room. Rajshahi Polytechnic has a medical center to ensure the medical treatment of the institute students.


There is a canteen at Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute. The canteen authority serves the best food at a low price. Students can eat food and enjoy their free time in the cafeteria. The environment and food quality of the canteen are attractive.


Students of Rajshahi Polytechnic can enjoy playing in the large playground of their Institute. The hostel and college students play Cricket, Football and other games on the playground. There are Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis & Mini Olympic games available in the Rajshahi Polytechnic.

History Of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute

Rajshahi is the largest city in the northwestern part of Bangladesh and one of the seven metropolitan cities. The work of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute was started in the 1963 order of the then government. Then both the electrical and mechanical techniques were taught. And gradually, other departments have added. Now a total of 8 departments available in the Rajshahi polytechnic institute.

Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute Campus

Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute’s Educational Information

Bangladesh has a total of 49 government polytechnic institute. Rajshahi Polytechnic is one of them. The educational status of Rajshahi Polytechnic is excellent. Get the details about the Departments, Course Information, and almost every important thing of the Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute.

Departments with Seat Number

Rajshahi polytechnic has a total of 7 departments: these are Civil Technology, Mechanical Technology, Power Technology, Electrical Technology, Mechatronic Technology, Electronics Technology, and Electromedical Technology. Each department has 96 seats.

Technology Name Seat Number
Civil Technology 96
Mechanical Technology 96
Power Technology 96
Electrical Technology 96
Mechatronic Technology 96
Electronics Technology 96
Electromedical Technology 96
Computer Technology 96

Admission Qualification

For admission to the Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute, an applicant must have to pass on the SSC exam with total CGPA 3.50 and individual CGPA 3.00 in General Math or Higher Math. If you have these qualifications, you can apply to admit on Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute.

Admission Quota

Rajshahi Polytechnic has been preserved some quotas. The female quota is 20%, SSC (vocational) 15%, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5%, special needs student quota 5%, and 2% for children of officials or employees.

Course Information

Rajshahi Polytechnic offers four years Diploma-in-Engineering courses under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. After the four years diploma course, you will get a diploma certificate.


Rajshahi Polytechnic provides an internal merit Scholarship. When a student has passed on a semester without any reffard, and then he got 1650 TK to regard the internal Scholarship.

Contact Information

Sapura, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-761977
Fax: 0721-761977
Website: https://rpi.gov.bd/

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