Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute

Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute 1

A total of 49 government polytechnic available in Bangladesh. Among these, the Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute is one of renowned. If you are searching for the information about this polytechnic, I assure you that you are the right place. Here you available to know all information about this polytechnic institute. Keep reading attentively.

History Of Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute

This polytechnic institute was established in 2006. In the post-establishment period, the opportunity to study in two technology departments was introduced here. At present students are admitted to 6 technology departments.

About Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute

This polytechnic is one of the 49 government polytechnic institutes established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This educational institution is located on the banks of the river Mahananda which flows over Chapainawabganj. More than 4000 students read in this polytechnic institute. And this institute has a semi-urban campus and 80 administrative staff. The present principal name of this institute is Eng. MD Humayon Kabir Khan.

Chapainawabganj Polytechnic Institute

Students Residential Hostel

This institute has the hostel facility. There are student’s residential hostel available here for boys and also the girl’s students.

Library And Medical Center

It has a fascinating library that contains a lot of books and magazines. The institute students can borrow any books from here without any cost. This institute also has a medical center to assure the primary treatment of a sick student.


To meet the food demand of the students there is a canteen that has been situated in this institute. The canteen authority serves fresh food to the students.


Chapainawabganj Polytechnic has a large playground, the students of this institute can play various games here and enjoy themselves.

Educational Information

This institute operates the executive control of MOE (Ministry of Education) acting through the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE). And all the academic programs are controlled by BTEB. Below you would able to get more information.

Departments with Seat Number

This polytechnic institute has a total of 6 engineering departments and these are Food Technology, Electronics Technology, Electrical Technology, Computer Technolgy, Mechatronics, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. All the departments hold 100 seats with both shifts.

Departments Seat Number
Food Technology 100
Electronics Technology 100
Electrical Technology 100
Computer Technolgy 100
Mechatronics 100
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 100

Admission Qualification

There are some requirements that need the applicant who wants to admit to this institute. First, the applicant has to pass the SSC or equivalent exam with a minimum CGPA 3.50 and the individual GPA needed 3.00 in general math or higher math. The applicant’s age must be under 22.

Admission Quota

According to diploma engineering admission 2019, 53% of students admitted to polytechnic diploma engineering by merit, and 47% of students admitted to government quota. This institute also reserved some quotas.

Course Information

Presently the Diploma in Engineering is a 4 years long course. This polytechnic institute also provides you a 4 years ( total 8 semesters) long diploma in engineering course with 6 departments.

Class Schedule

You know all the government polytechnic in Bangladesh has two shift class methods. This institute also managed the class in two shifts. The first shift starts from 08:00 AM and the second shift starts from 01:30 PM

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Baroghoria, Chapainawabganj 6300
Phone: 0781-51771