All Registered Private Polytechnic College In Bangladesh

All Registered Private Polytechnic College In Bangladesh 1

From this article, you will be able to know all the Private Polytechnic College In Bangladesh. Below I have tried to add the names of all the polytechnics according to the division wise. If you want to know the private polytechnic name division wise, read this article carefully.

Private Polytechnic College In Dhaka Division

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There are a lot of famous private polytechnic institutes in the Dhaka division. There are a total of 82 private polytechnic institutes in the Dhaka division. These are:

  1. Aero Technical Institute of Bangladesh
  2. Alhaj Mokbul Hossain Degree College
  3. Alif Science & technical School, Kishoreganj
  4. ALPHA Institute of Science & Technology
  5. Anwar Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  6. Bangladesh Computer & Management Institute, Faridpur
  7. Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies, Dhaka
  8. Brahmaputra Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  9. British American Technology & Management Institute, Gazipur
  10. Centre for Computer Studies, Dhaka
  11. Center for Technology Transfer, Dhaka
  12. City Textile Engineering Institute, Dhaka
  13. Daffodil International Professional Training Institute, Dhaka
  14. Daffodil Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  15. Desh Polytechnic College, Dhaka
  16. Dhaka Engineering Institute, Dhaka
  17. Dhaka Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka
  18. Dhaka Institute of Technology, Dhaka
  19. Dhamrai Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  20. Dhonbari Science & Technology College, Tangail
  21. Egjolt Institute of Technology, Tangail
  22. Engineering & Information Technology, Dhaka
  23. Gazipur Textile Engineering & Technology, Gazipur
  24. Gopalganj Model Polytechnic Institute, Gopalganj
  25. Grassroot College of Technology, Faridpur
  26. Greenland Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  27. Haji Abul Hossain Institute of Technology, Tangail
  28. Ideal Institute of Science & Technology, Dhaka
  29. Institute of Communication Technology, Dhaka
  30. Institute of Management & Information Technology, Dhaka
  31. Institute of Science & Information Technology, Dhaka
  32. Institute of Science & Technology, Dhaka
  33. Institute of Technical & Vocational Education Training (ITVET), Dhaka
  34. Institute of Textile Engineering & Clothing Technology, Dhaka
  35.  Institute of Textile Engineering & Technology, Gazipur
  36. Khaja Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  37. Madhabdi Textile Engineering Institute, Narsingdi
  38. Madhupur Engineering College, Tangail
  39. MAWTS Institute of Technology, Dhaka
  40. McQueen Institute of Fashion Design, Dhaka
  41. Micro Institute of Technology, Dhaka
  42. Mirpur Institute of Science & Technology, Dhaka
  43. Mirpur Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  44. Mission Institute of Technology, Dhaka
  45. Modern Engineering & Agriculture College, Faridpur
  46. Modern Institute of Science & Technology, Netrakona
  47. Narayanganj Polytechnic Institute, Narayanganj
  48. Narsingdi Polytechnic Academy, Narsingdi
  49. National Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET), Dhaka
  50. National Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET), Narayanganj
  51. National Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  52. National Polytechnic Institute, Faridpur
  53. National Polytechnic Institute, Manikganj
  54. National Professional Institute (NPI), Dhaka
  55. Niat Krishi College, Dhaka
  56. Orbit Institute of Engineering & Technology, Narsingdi
  57. Orbit Institute of Engineering & Technology, Narsingdi
  58. Pakundia Institute of Technology, Kishoreganj
  59. Park Polytechnic Institute, Narayanganj
  60. Prerona Institute of Design & Technology, Tangail
  61. Pubergao Polytechnic institute, Narayanganj
  62. Rabita Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  63. Rajbari College of Engineering & Technology, Rajbari
  64. Rajdhani Polytechnic & Textile College, Dhaka
  65. Resource Institute of Textile Engineering, Narsingdi
  66. Royal Institute of Technology, Gazipur
  67. S S R Institute of Technology, Dhaka
  68. SAIC Institute of Management & Technology, Dhaka
  69. Shaaz Institute, Dhaka
  70. Shyamoli Ideal Engineering College, Dhaka
  71. Shyamoli Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  72. Sreepur Engineering College, Gazipur
  73. Tangail Institute of Science & Technology, Tangail
  74. Technical & Vocational Education Institute, Dhaka
  75. Ucep Institute of Science & Technology, Dhaka
  76. Universal Institute of Business & Technology, Dhaka
  77. Universal Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka
  78. Uttara Engineering College, Dhaka
  79. Western Ideal Institute (WII), Dhaka
  80. Western Ideal Institute (WII), Narayanganj
  81. Western Institute of Business & Technology, Dhaka
  82. Yaub Henna Polytechnic Institute, Kishoreganj

Private Polytechnic College In Chittagong Division

Chittagong Division is geographically the largest of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh. There are a total of 24 Private Polytechnic Institutes and these polytechnics are providing good rated technical education. The name of these polytechnics is below:

  1. B.S Polytechnic Institute, Chittagong
  2. Badiul Alam Science & Polytechnic Institute, Brahmanbaria
  3. CCN Polytechnic Institute, Comilla
  4. Chandpur Engineering Institute, Chandpur
  5. Comilla Private Polytechnic Institute, Comilla
  6. Compact Polytechnic Institute, Feni
  7. Cox’s-Bazar Model Polytechnic Institute, Cox’s-Bazar
  8. Feni Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Feni
  9. Impec College of Technology, Chittagong
  10. Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Feni
  11. Islami Bank Institute of Technology, Chittagong
  12. Jahanara Quddus Engineering Institute, Brahmanbaria
  13. Landmark Polytechnic Institute, Comilla
  14. Memang Polytechnic & BM College, Chittagong
  15. Mips Institute of Management & Technology, Chittagong
  16. National Institute of Technology, Chittagong
  17. National Polytechnic College, Chittagong
  18. Newcastle International University College, Chittagong
  19. Noakhali Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Noakhali
  20. Noakhali Universal Polytechnic Institute & Engineering College, Noakhali
  21. Progressive Polytechnic Institute, Chittagong
  22. Shebapolly Science & Polytechnic Institute, Brahmanbaria
  23. Shyamoly Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Chittagong
  24. Shyamoly Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Lakshmipur

Private Polytechnic College In Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi Division is one of the eight first-level administrative divisions of Bangladesh. There are a total of 40 private polytechnic institutes situated here. Have a look at below and know the name of these institutes.

  1. Agriculture Diploma Institute, Natore
  2. Authentic Institute of Science & Technology, Natore
  3. Baghmara Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  4. Bangladesh Institute of Information Technology (BIIT), Bogra
  5. Bangladesh Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  6. Bogra Oas MP Polytechnic Institute, Bogra
  7. Chatmohar Polytechnic Engineering College, Pabna
  8. City Polytechnic & Textile Institute, Rajshahi
  9. Computer Science & Business Studies Institute, Bogra
  10. Computer Science & Engineering College, Bogra
  11. Cybertech Polytechnic Institute, Joypurhat
  12. Dynamic Polytechnic Institute, Naogaon
  13. Gaur Polytechnic Institute, Chapainawabganj
  14. Gorshar Agricultural Technical Institute, Rajshahi
  15. Institute of Information Technology (IITB), Bogra
  16. Institute of Polytechnic & Textile Technology, Bogra
  17. Islamic Institute of Science & Technology, Pabna
  18. Jamuna Polytechnic Institute, Sirajganj
  19. Khottapara Diploma in Engineering Polytechnic Institute, Naogaon
  20. Mohanonda Polytechnic Institute, Chapainawabganj
  21. National Institute of Science & Technology, Natore
  22. Natore Engineering and Technology Institute, Natore
  23. Netrokona Institute of Technology, Netrakona
  24. Nobel Polytechnic Institute, Joypurhat
  25. North Bengal Institute of Technology, Bogra
  26. North Bengal Polytechnic Institute, Naogaon
  27. Pabna City Polytechnic & Textile Institute, Pabna
  28. Pabna Institute of Science & Technology, Pabna
  29. Pabna Textile Engineering Institute, Pabna
  30. Prime Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  31. Prokushol Pragati Institute, Rajshahi
  32. Puthia Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  33. Rajshahi Haji Abul Hossain Institute of Technology, Rajshahi
  34. Rajshahi Institute of Technology, Rajshahi
  35. Shah Makhdum Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  36. Srijonshil Polytechnic Institute, Joypurhat
  37. Tethulia Pirgasa Technical & BM College and Vocational Institute, Rajshahi
  38. The North Polytechnic Institute, Rajshahi
  39. TMSS Technical Institute, Bogra
  40. Ullapara Polytechnic & Textile Engineering Institute, Sirajganj

Private Polytechnic College In Mymensing Division

Mymensing Division is one of the famous divisions among all 8 divisions in Bangladesh. For technical education, there is a lot of private polytechnic institute situated here. The name of this institute has given below. Have a look:

  1. Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Sherpur
  2. Islampur Polytechnic Institute, Jamalpur
  3. Jamalpur Institute of Science Technology, Jamalpur
  4. Jasimuddin Polytechnic Institute, Jamalpur
  5. Momenshahi Technical & Engineering Institute, Mymensingh
  6. Mymensingh Institute of Modern Technology, Mymensingh
  7. Mymensingh Institute of Science and Technology, Mymensingh
  8. Mymensingh Polytechnic Academy, Mymensingh
  9. Romdo Institute of Modern Technology, Mymensingh
  10. Sherpur Institute of Science & Technology, Sherpur
  11. Sorisabari Science & Technology College, Jamalpur
  12. Sribordi Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Sherpur

Private Polytechnic College In Rangpur Division

Rangpur Division is one of the large Divisions in Bangladesh. It was formed on 25 January 2010, as Bangladesh’s 7th division. There is a good opportunity for technical education in this division. Besides the government polytechnic institute, a lot of private polytechnic institute has been situated in this division, these are:

  1. Alfah Polytechnic Institute, Dinajpur
  2. Bailey Bridge Private Agriculture & Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur
  3. Balrampur Ideal College, Thakurgaon
  4. Dharmapur Polytechnic Institute, Gaibandha
  5. Dimla Computer Science and Polytechnic College, Nilphamari
  6. Dinajpur Institute of Science and Technology, Dinajpur
  7. Image Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur
  8. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rangpur
  9. Kasipur Polytechnic Institute, Kurigram
  10. Keramtia Institute of Science & Technology, Rangpur
  11. North Bengal Engineering Institute, Gaibandha
  12. Rangpur Institute of Technology, Rangpur
  13. Rangpur Ideal Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Rangpur
  14. S F Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur
  15. Shyamoly Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur
  16. Ulipur Science & Technology Institute, Kurigram
  17. Vision Polytechnic Institute, Kurigram

Private Polytechnic College In Barishal Division

There is one government polytechnic in Barishal name Barishal polytechnic institute. A total of 7 private polytechnic institutes spread all over the Barisal division. The institute’s name’s are given below.

  1. Barisal Ideal Polytechnic Institute, Barisal
  2. Barisal Institute of Information Technology, Barisal
  3. Barisal Technocrates Polytechnic Institute, Barisal
  4. Begum Fazilatunnesa Polytechnic Institute, Patuakhali
  5. Bhola Sadar Polytechnic Institute, Bhola
  6. Infra Institute of Information Technology, Barisal
  7. Khepupara Institute of Information Technology, Patuakhali

Private Polytechnic College In Khulna Division

Khulna division has a good opportunity for technical education. Besides the government institute, about 38 private polytechnics also situated here. The institute is spread in many districts in the Khulna division. These are:

  1. A V A S Polytechnic Institute, Satkhira
  2. AMDA Institute of Engineering & Technology, Khulna
  3. Bangladesh Computer and Management College (BCMC), Jessore
  4. Bangladesh Technical College, Jessore
  5. BCMC College of Engineering & Technology, Jessore
  6. Bolidapara Polytechnic Institute, Kushtia
  7. Chuadanga Polytechnic Institute, Chuadanga
  8. City Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  9. Disari Institute of Science & Engineering, Jhenaidah
  10. Dorpon Polytechnic Institute, Kushtia
  11. Gopalganj Science & Technology College, Khulna
  12. Hope Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  13. Jessore Technical & Management College, Jessore
  14. Kamrul Islam Siddiqe Institute, Kushtia
  15. Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  16. Khanjahan Ali College of Science & Technology, Khulna
  17. Khanjahan Ali Polytechnic Institute, Bagerhat
  18. Khulna Technical & Engineering College, Khulna
  19. Kopota Polytechnic College, Jessore
  20. Kushtia Hazi Abul Hossain Institute of Technology, Kushtia
  21. Kushtia Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kushtia
  22. Kushtia Institute of Science & Technology, Kushtia
  23. Mangrove Institute of Science & Technology, Khulna
  24. Meherpur College of Engineering & Technology, Meherpur
  25. Mir Shamsul Islam Polytechnic Institute, Chuadanga
  26. Model Polytechnic Institute, Jessore
  27. Nobo Jibon Polytechnic Institute, Satkhira
  28. North South Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  29. Novel Polytechnic & Textile Institute, Jhenaidah
  30. Sakina Azhar Technical College, Bagerhat
  31. Satkhira Institute of Science & Technology, Satkhira
  32. Satkhira Model Polytechnic Institute, Satkhira
  33. Setara Abbas Technical & Business Management College, Bagerhat
  34. Square Polytechnic Institute, Khulna
  35. Sundarban College of Technology, Satkhira
  36. Sundarban Institute of Technology, Khulna
  37. Tokyo Bangla Polytechnic Institute, Jessore
  38. Vqueens Institute of Technology, Chuadanga

Here I am tried to add all the private polytechnic institute’s name in Bangladesh. If you found any institute name that is missing here, please let me know by comment.