Diploma In Mechanical Engineering All Information

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering All Information

To know more about Mechanical engineering read this article carefully. Mechanical Engineering is an engineering sector that assembles engineering physics and mathematics rules with the materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. In engineering branches, Mechanical engineering is considered one of the oldest and extensive engineering subjects. This engineering sector emerged as a field in the 18th century during the industrial revolution in Europe. Mechanical engineering is a large field to understand some core areas including mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. Today I will discuss the diploma in Mechanical engineering in Bangladesh. If you think this article will be helpful for, read it attentively.

About Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Bangladesh is a developing country. For a developing country, it is more important to pay attention to the field of Engineering. And accordingly, the Bangladesh government has taken many steps to expand the field of engineering. In Bangladesh, there are a total of 49 government polytechnic institute and about 220 private polytechnic institutes and they are offering practical and theoretical knowledge with many engineering subjects. Among the engineering subject, Mechanical engineering is one of the largest technology. At the diploma level, the Mechanical engineering course offers a 4 years duration. Total 4 years divided with a total of 8 semesters. After completing this course students get a diploma in mechanical engineering certificate.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering All Information
Inspecting Industry Machine

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

For the government and non-government polytechnic institute, the curriculum activities are bestowed by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). And BTEB also Determined 4 academic years for the diploma in the engineering course. It is a twelfth level Diploma course which deals with the field of material engineering. Read below to know about all the subject’s names of this course.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Books

In total 4 years of diploma in mechanical consist of a total of 8 semesters. The students are taught many departmental and non-departmental subjects every semester to increase their knowledge. The first 7 semesters students read books on various topics and the last semester is for the industrial attachment or Internship. Below I have added the diploma in mechanical engineering all subjects name and code by semester wise.

1st Semester Books List

Subject Name Subject Code
Engineering Drawing  61011
Mechanical Engineering Materials  67013
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals  66712
Bangla  65711
Physical Education & Life Skill Development  65812
Mathematics‐1  65911
Chemistry  65913

2nd Semester Book List

Subject Name Subject Code
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Drawing 67021
Machine Shop Practice‐1 67022
Mechanical Workshop Practice 67023
English  65712
Mathematics‐2 65921
Physics‐1 65912
Social Science 65811

3rd Semester

Subject Name Subject Code
Machine Shop Practice‐2 67031
Electronic Engineering Fundamentals  66822
Communicative English 65722
Mathematics‐3 65931
Physics‐2 65922
Computer Application  66611
Foundry & Pattern Making 67032

4th Semester

Subject Name Subject Code
Engineering Mechanics 67041
Metallurgy 67042
Machine Shop Practice‐3 67043
Electrical Circuits & Machines 66743
Environmental Studies 69054
Programming Essentials 66631
Business Organization & Communication 65841

5th Semester

Subject Name Subject Code
Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machineries 67051
Mechanical Estimating& Costing 67052
Advance Welding‐1 67053
CAD & CAM 67054
Manufacturing Process 67055
Accounting Theory & Practice 65851

6th Semester

Subject Name Subject Code
Thermodynamics & Heat Engine 67061
Mechanical Measurement & Metrology 67062
Plant Engineering 67063
The strength of Materials 67064
Advance Welding‐2 67065
Industrial Management 65852

7th Semester

Subject Name Subject Code
Design of Machine Elements 67071
Tool Design 67072
Heat Treatment of Metal 67073
Mechanical Engineering Project 67074
Production Planning & Control 67075
Mechatronics & PLC 67076
Innovation & Entrepreneurship 65853


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