Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute

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Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute is a well-reputed technical education institute in Bangladesh. It is one of the large polytechnic institutes among the all 49 government polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. In this article, I am going to discuss this institute, if you think this article is helpful for you please keep your reading.

History Of Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute

The foundation stone of Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute was laid in early 1963. The institute was founded as the “Swedish-Pakistan Institute of Technology” in 1963 with assistance from the Swedish government and main gate design by Uttam Das.

About Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute

Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute is commonly known as Swedish. It is one of the ancient polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh for technical education. This institute is located in Kaptai, Rangamati Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. The format name of this institute was the “Swedish-Pakistan Institute of Technology”. This institute has a 35 acres long urban campus, more than 1300 students, 150 administrative staff, and six engineering departments.

Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute

Students Residential Hostel

This institute provides the residential hostel facility to the students. There are three hostels. Among these, one is for the female students and two for the male students. These are:

  • Girl’s Hostel
  • Swedish Hostel (Boys)
  • Jahangir Hostel (Boys)

Library And Medical Center

There is a big library situated in this institute. The library of this institute contains a lot of books including novel books, short stories, poems books, etc. Also, there is a medical center available here to assure the students with medical treatment.


This institute has a fascinating canteen that has been situated in a noise-free place. The canteen serves the food and some educational equipment for the students.


This institute has a large campus and there is a big playground situated in the campus area. Where the institute students can play many games.

Educational Information

This is a state-owned government polytechnic institute and all academics programs are controlled by BTEB ( Bangladesh Technical Education Board). Below other information about this polytechnic will be discussed, keep your reading.

Departments with Seat Number

There are six engineering departments available in Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute. The departments are Automobile, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Construction. All the department holds only 50 seats in each technology. For more clarity check the below chart.

Department Seat Number
Automobile 50
Civil 50
Computer 50
Electrical 50
Mechanical 50
Construction 50

Admission Qualification

You have to pass the SSC or equivalent exam with a minimum CGPA 3.50 (for male) and 3.00 (for female) and the individual CGPA needs 3.00 in math or higher math for both. The age of the applicant must be under 22.

Admission Quota

This institute has reserved some quotas and the quotas are female quota is 20%, SSC (vocational) 15%, minor ethnic group quota 2%, freedom fighter 5%, and special needs student quota 5%.

Course Information

This institute offers you a Diploma in Engineering course for the 4 years duration. There are a total of 8 semesters in a total of 4 years.

Class Schedule

The first shift class starts from 08:00 AM and the second shift class starts from 01:30 PM.


Here an internal scholarship available for the students, who can make an admirable result in a semester.

Contact Information And Official Website

Address: Kaptai, Ranglamati.
Phone: 88-03529-251, 01815554040
Fax: 88-03529-251